What is this?



The Problem

Let's be honest.
You're terrible at managing passwords.
Everyone is.
We choose insecure passwords.
Because nobody wants to remember a password like:
And we use the same password in multiple places.
So when one account is hacked...
Hours get wasted changing the password everywhere!
Surely there must be a better way?
There is.
It's called QRGoPass.

So how can QRGoPass help?

By letting you store strong passwords.
And making everything simple to use so that you don't need to be a rocket scientist.
You can secure your online presence with ease.

How do I get started?

Let's setup your mobile.
First, download the app.
Second, save your logon details in the app.
As many as you want.
It's that easy.
Okay then, let's get you logged in.
Open QRGoPass.com in your browser.
Select the account you want to log into with the app and scan the code.
The app encrypts your details and then sends them securely via HTTPS to the cloud.
Your browser downloads your details and decrypts them ready for you to use.
Finally, just copy and paste your logon details where they're needed.
You've just securely logged in using QRGoPass.

The Technical Bits

RSA protects your details.
(Even we can't see them)
Store up to 100 characters as your password.
Works on any device with a browser.
(No installation needed)
Powered by the cloud.
(Your phone already goes with you everywhere)
Plus there are ideas in the pipeline to make QRGoPass even more awesome!